42mm Linear Hybrid Stepper Series

The 42mm Linear Hybrid Stepper Series is available in three configurations: captive, non-captive and external. Custom anti-backlash nuts are available for the externally driven configuration. Customize the lead screw to adjust between travel speed and torque. Typical applications include 3D printer, robot, CNC etc.


  • Available in captive, non-captive and externally configurations
  • High performance at a low cost
  • A wide range of screw sizes available
  • CE and RoHs approved
  • Customizations on request

Step Angle 1.8 °
Current /Phase 0.23-0.5
Push Torque 80 to 140
Num. Leads 4 or 6
Full Step Length 0.004 to 0.04
Frame Size 42x42
Number of Phase 2
Structure Non Captive
Shape Square

Model Number

Lead Numbers

Resistance of Phase

Inductance of Phase



Nut Specification

Axial Pull Force

Detent Force

Full Step Length

Rotor Inertia


Ohms mHAV kg.cmkg.cmmmg.cm2kg
LDO-42STH34-LxxxE424270.613.2 Tr8X8 ≥10 50.04350.2
430370.412Tr8X4 ≥14 100.02350.2
22300.515 Tr8X8 ≥11.5 50.04350.22
419.5260.47.81/4-16 Tr ≥10.5 20.03175350.22 Tr ≥8.0 80.004350.28