30X70mm Coreless Brushed Series

The coreless construction featured in our 30x70mm brushed motor series helps reduce physical volume and mass while increasing energy efficiency. Other benefits of our coreless construction include fast input response and stable speed. Applications include portable equipment, industrial products, etc. Choose a baseline version or request your own customized configuration.


  • High rotation speed
  • Energy efficiency
  • Swift acceleration
  • CE and RoHs approved
  • Customizations on request
Ambient Temperature -20-55℃
Max Winding Temp 125℃
Max Speed 15000RPM
Max Axial Force 3.0N
Max Radial Force 15N
Number of The Pole Pair 1
Commutator Segments 13

The following are common submodels for the LDO-CL3070 series. Click to request a quote and/or more information on a specific submodel.

Rated Voltage No Load Speed Rated Speed No Load Current(mA) Rated Current(mA) Rated Torque Power Stall Current(A) Stall Torque (mNm) MAX. Efficiency(%) Terminal Resistant (Ω) Torque Constant Speed Constant (rpm/V) Weight (g)
Part No. (V) (RPM) (RPM) (mA) (mA) (mNm) (W) (A) (mNm) (%) ((Ω)) (mNm/A) (rpm/V) (g)
LDO-CL3070-001 36 14600 14100 160 1900 39.2 57.9 45 1150 81 0.8 25.6 406 200
LDO-CL3070-002 36 13000 12180 110 1630 39.2 50 15.6 623 78 2.3 39.9 361 200