28mm Brushless DC Series

Our 28mm brushless DC motors possess durability, reliability, and efficiency one expects from a brushless design. Low noise and low vibration are also reasons to choose a brushless DC motor for your next project. Typical applications include air pump, fans and other home appliances etc. Choose a baseline version or request your own customized configuration.


  • High torque even at low speeds
  • High torque density and high torque efficiency
  • Continuous speed curve, wide speed range
  • Highly reliability with easy maintenance
  • Low noise, low vibration
  • CE and RoHs approved
  • Customizations on request
Winding Type Star,3 phase,4 pole
Hall Effect Angle 120 degree electrical angle
Shaft Runout 0.025mm
Shaft Radial Play 0.02mm@450g
Shaft Axial Play 0.08mm@450g
Max Radial Force 15N @10mm from the flange
Max Axial Force 10N
Insulation Class Class B
Dielectric Strength 500V for one minute
Insulation Resistance > 100MΩ, 500V

The following are common submodels for the LDO-28BL series. Click to request a quote and/or more information on a specific submodel.

Rated Voltage Rated Speed Rated Torque Peak Torque Peak Current Power Line to Line Resistance Line to Line Inductance Torque Constant Rotor Inertia Body Length Approx. Weight
Part No. (V) (RPM) (mNm) (mNm) (A) (W) (Ω) (mH) (mNm/A) (g⋅cm^2) (mm) (kg)
LDO-28BLR26 15 8000 7 21 2.5 6 8 2 13.7 1.23 26 0.060
LDO-28BLR38 24 10000 14.12 42.4 2.8 14.78 4.63 1.69 16 2.12 38 0.082
LDO-28BLR77 24 3700 50 150 3 16 4.20 2.2 50 5.98 77 0.280